What is DOFCO?

DOFCO consists of DOFCO and its subsidiary DOFCO International.

DOFCO is a consultancy and management firm that provides advisory, project and managerial services. The company specializes in finding solutions to tackle problems regarding mineral surpluses in animal husbandry. DOFCO’s preferred approach is market and application led with a clear vision on a sustainable manure market.

DOFCO International was set up in 2012. This marketing and sales company focuses on the international sales of high-quality organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. DOFCO International is a joint venture of DOFCO and Ligare.


Who are DOFCO and DOFCO International?

DOFCO is run by Jaap H. Uenk, MAB (Master of Agribusiness). He has years of working experience on a provincial level (the Dutch province of Gelderland), national level (Agricultural Board, National Manure Bank Foundation) and international level (DOFCO). Therefore, DOFCO has an extensive network of relationships in the agriculture and environment sector in which Jaap Uenk previously held various managerial positions. Since 2006, Jaap Uenk has been chairman of the fertilizer distribution division of trade organization CUMELA Nederland.


At DOFCO International, Jaap Uenk and Matthé Vermeulen are again working together after starting off as colleagues at the Dutch Organic Fertilizer Company, the predecessor of DOFCO. Matthé Vermeulen has years of international, commercial working experience in the grain and horticulture sector. Matthé Vermeulen has been chairman of the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (Het Comité) since 2012.